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The New Jake Armerding Album: An Organic Approach

In farming, a CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. It's a relationship between a farmer and a person who likes food.

I joined a CSA in 2009. Every week, I walked a few blocks to a random shed full of boxes my farm had delivered that morning. Each box contained about eight pounds of produce, some of them classics (corn), others weird (ramps), all organic, all harvested over the last 48 hours. Every month, $52 was withdrawn from my checking account, all of it going into the pockets of my farmer. It was like the grocery store was coming to me — except I was paying the same price, and this stuff was better than the grocery store.

After a few months, it dawned on me that my farmer and I were in the same line of work. Small farmers decide what crops to grow, even if they can't be turned into Pepsi; I was writing the songs that inspired me, even if they would never get played on big radio. Small farmers put effort into every crop, whether familiar or obscure; I was laboring over each song like a prestigious graduate school over applications, approving only the best. Small farmers transport their own crops to market; I was selling albums out of my trunk.

Most of all, I liked knowing my farmer, Richard. He grins a lot, has a serious tan, and his fingernails always have a little dirt under them. He looks like a guy who grows food all day.

Music is a lot like food: it can be whole, or compromised; full-flavored, or bland; unique, or conventional. So if the music is good, why not try harvesting it like real food?

Hence, the Jake Armerding CSA. It is Community Supported Art — a relationship between a musician and a music lover.

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