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As They Yell at The End of The Credits on That 70's Show...


I am in full reconnaissance mode, now I've become a full-fledged Midwesterner, and am searching high and low for any and all small, cute theatres to invade with my songs. The best approach to this, of course, is to hop on tour with the lovely Red Molly girls, who have this scene nailed down. So as the last bit of snow melts from the roadways ... whoops, never mind, there's more coming tonight ... we now commence our methodical coverage of the Badger State. (Check the shows page for more details.)

Any state that puts beer and dairy first is fine by me. I'm a New Glarus Brewery man myself; I even have the keychain bottle opener.


Happy 2014, A Whole Year of Valentine's Day

Production alert! My second and third projects as a music producer both wrapped today: get ready for Ruby by Robbie Schaefer and Wild Acre by Trish Bruxvoort Colligan. Whew. Sorry to drop off the earth there for a while; producing an album is a bit like having a kid — not that I've had a kid — and producing two at once is like, well, having twins.

But we're getting back on the horse here — the very musical, very masculine Barnstar! is in the thick of a new record that releases Fall 2014, and I've got an upcoming show at the venerable Club Passim on February 13 that will feature Mark Erelli and Zack Hickman, as well as a three-night stand opening the Eddie From Ohio shows at the Birchmere Music Hall and a two-week tour with the lovely Red Molly girls.

Hoping you had a smashing end of the year, and are deliciously warm from all the snow shoveling. And yes, "2014" is an entire year of Valentine's Day, so be good to your favorite person.


Cosmos in the Chaos releases on Tuesday 19 March

I feel very blessed to announce the imminent release of my sixth album, Cosmos in the Chaos. This is the best thing I've ever done. The album I want emblazoned on my headstone ... if I decide to have a headstone.

This record was grown song by song through the vehicle of Community Supported Art. If you're new to these pages, the CSA is a digital music and arts co-op. Subscribers receive digital boxes of music and artwork monthly, all of it new, all of it sourced from independent artists. It's a way to invest in creative work that might not have the means to force its way into the mainstream. But it deserves to be seen and heard, and thanks to you, it is.

I am grateful to you all for the outpouring of support, for believing in this music, and for rallying behind the CSA. It's an honor to make music for you.





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